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Episode 022 – “The Wappel Effect”

In this episode we have a very special guest host James Wappel.  James is the studio painter for Outlaw Miniatures and for others companies as well.  We discuss hobby tips and techniques and we also talk about his background in gaming.  We also discuss the game of WWX.

Hosts: Scott (Honkytoast) & Dan (Nazdrek)

Guest Host: James (Wappellious)

Episode 021 – “We haven’t read the Novels”

In this episode we continue our discussion from the previous Episodes where we discussed the new Kickstarter for Outlaw Miniatures.  We have a couple guesty hosts that joined us and discussed two of the new factions that are in the game, Dark Nation and Confederates.  We hope everyone enjoys the episode.

Hosts: Scott (Honkytoast) & Dan (Nazdrek)

Guest Host: Paul (Abraxus04) Dawn (SassyLady1970)